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    GrimesGo (ft. Blood Diamonds)

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    Having a bad day and I just want someone to let me cry on their lap.

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Paredes, Outubro 2013 photographed by Rrui Lisboa


    Paredes, Outubro 2013 photographed by Rrui Lisboa

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  5. If
    the ocean
    can calm itself,
    so can you.
    are both
    salt water
    mixed with
    Meditation, Nayyirah Waheed (via vyperous)

    might get this tattooed someday wow (via zenalien)
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Blue Hour (by kenny ip)


    Blue Hour (by kenny ip)

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bug collection ✿
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    The Cranberries - Dreams

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  9. Becoming a better me, so I can give the best to you.

  10. I  haven’t blogged in so long, but this is my attempt to do so.

    This is the beginning of something new, perhaps more of personal blogging but featuring other people, so I’m stepping away from the reblogs and starting to put my toes into creating a community in my own community.

    These photos are from my recent trip up the beautiful California coast to Pismo Beach, CA. My boyfriend and his family were kind enough to bring me along on their annual trip, and this is where I got to explore Solvang, CA, up to Cambria, CA. These photos are just some of my favorite memories of the amazing places my eyes laid on, and something I will cherish forever.



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